Android N Features: What’s new and improved


Google surprised everyone on Wednesday by releasing the first developer preview of Android N. The images of Android N’s developer preview are available for Google’s Pixel C, Nexus 6, 5X, 6P, 9 and Player. The images can be downloaded from Android developer’s page.

There is a good amount of new features in this build and Google has also improved some of the old features.


We wrote about this feature in our Android N expectations article, like how it made an appearance in Marshmallow’s developer preview and then was removed. The feature has made a come back in Android N’s first developer preview and now it will stay.

The multi-window feature is now less buggy and almost ready to use. There are many different ways to go into multi-window mode. One way is to tap and hold an app from recent’s menu and the other one is to touch and swipe-up the overview button (you have to enable it from settings).


Right now not all apps support the multi-window feature but Google has released the API so developers can make their app compatible with multi-window.

Updated Notifications

The notification menu has two new updates. We now have bundled notifications which means that the notifications from same app will now be grouped together.

The other update in notifications is the direct reply feature. Users will now be able to reply to messages and emails directly from the notifications. Which, kind of, saves time as we don’t have to open the app.


Also, there are updates to quick setting toggles. You can now add toggles to different pages and re-arrange them easily.

Dark Mode/Night Mode

The Night mode also made an appearance in Android Marshmallow’s developer preview and now it is back in Android N. The night mode can be activated from System UI Tuner > Color and Appearance. The feature is little buggy right now and you have to toggle it multiple time to activate the night mode. It is a good feature and will help save battery.

System UI Tuner is still hidden and can be activated by pressing and holding the settings quick toggle.


Dark mode only darkens the settings menu right now and the app drawer remains same with the white background. While activating dark mode, you can also choose if you want to Adjust tint and brightness or not.

New Settings UI

The settings menu in Android N has a new cleaner look. At the top, the settings menu shows you some suggestions. The settings home page shows certain information about the specific setting. Like, at settings home page under Apps setting, it now shows you how many apps you have installed.


Updated Doze

Doze is now updated to save more battery. In Android N, doze mode will be activated whenever the screen turns off. So, it looks like Android N will have a much better battery life than Android Marshmallow.


Data Saver

Google has added a new data saver feature in Android N too. The feature stops the background data transmission when on cellular network to save mobile data.


Other New Features:

  • The Settings app now have a hamburger menu at the top left side. The hamburger menu lists all the settings and quickly take you to desired settings page.
  • At the time of first boot, Android asks you to add some information that can be used in case of emergency. It asks you about your medical info and emergency contacts.
  • The first app in recent apps menu is a lot bigger than we see in Android Lollipop or Marshmallow.



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