Smart-Rhino Magnetic 8 Pin Lightning Cable USB


Sync and charge your iPhone easily. A magnetic connector is inserted to the iPhone and the cable which also has a magnetic connector draws them together to make the connection easily. Once it clicks it is connected. This is similar to the connectors in the Mac Computers and laptops. Lightning piece made for iPhone (MFI) In The car: It minimizes distractions- In the dark: It easily connects in the dark with the light indicator- To unplug from charging: Simply bend the cable at the connector and it becomes detached. Smart-Rhino is an innovative technology company bringing smart electronic accessories, gadgets and other new products to the US market. Based in Miami, FL, Smart-Rhino is dedicated to addressing the daily struggles encountered by individuals every day and addressing them with a new product. We strive to produce avant-garde products that will appeal to everyone. From product design, manufacturing, marketing to distribution we are at the cutting edge of innovation. Besides having a passion for this industry, we are a team of engineers, designers and developers, all with vast experience in the mobile arena; spanning on average, more than 14 years of experience to the company and smart products.


  • Fast Charger that easily connects to iPhone with magnetic connection like Mac Laptops. Made from the same high grade CNC Metal as the Apple MacBook air!
  • The usb port can Plug and Play for 30000 times,6 times of Original Apple usb cable’s service Life. Note fully charged in our test in only 100 minutes!
  • Supports fast charging process, as well as data transfer & synch. Small LED light indicate charging status, and visible in the dark. Surge protection chip inside to protector your device.
  • Use one hand to plug and unplug when charging. Avoid distractions in the car by using Clik, easy to find without taking your eyes off the road! You can hear it Clik to know it’s connected. Include silicone wrap for easy storage.
  • Never drop your phone while trying to unplug it to take a call or removing it from the charging cable. Simply bend the cable at the connector and it becomes detached.

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