Earhoox for EarPods


Earhoox for EarPods

We were tired of our earbuds falling out, and Apple’s EarPods were no exception. Our newest version, Earhoox for EarPods are designed specifically to solve that problem. Attach Earhoox and you’ll find the snug and comfortable fit you’ve always wanted.

Earhoox for Earbuds

Earhoox for Earbuds are the original cure to loose, uncomfortable earbuds. Designed to fit any round earbud, simply attach the soft and durable silicone, and get ready to move with your music.

Secure Fit

No matter the activity or condition, Earhoox keep your earbuds in place so you can move with your music.


Earhoox stretch to perfectly fit any circular earbud, including all Apple models and most other popular brands.


The ultra soft, durable silicone provides a comfortable fit, even after frequent and extended use.


Compatible with iPhone 6/6+/5/5S/5C


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