A Cool Desk Gadget Under $30


Organizing your work space can be a tedious and ceaseless endeavor. Head one step in the right direction with the Hangover Headset Rack brought to you by Sharkk, which provides a convenient desktop storage solution, and damage prevention, for your headset. The Sharkk Hangover can hold both corded and wireless headsets, and provides cable organization with an integrated USB 3 port hub for simultaneous connectivity, as well as an audio and microphone port. Tidy up all of those loose ends with this brilliant one piece solution by Sharkk!


The Sharkk Hangover Headset Rack features 3 USB Ports to assist with your cable organization, as well as a headset and microphone port.

User Friendly
This device is Mac and PC Compatible and includes an LED power indicator and an easily accessible audio and microphone port with plug and play convenience.

Organized Convenience
The Hangover Headset Rack provides an all-in-one desktop storage solution and protects your headset against wear and tear.

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  • Convenient storage solution with cable organization, and provides protection against headset wear and tear
  • Plug and Play Convenience
  • LED power indicator and Sound card functionality included
  • Package Includes: Hangover Headset Rack, USB Cable, User Manual
  • 3 USB Ports and an audio port and microphone port for advanced connectivity



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