Mars Levitation Bluetooth Speaker System


We love music. And we want to elevate your music experience with the best levitation speaker ever. Mars by crazybaby is a levitation Bluetooth speaker system with Hi-Fi sound. Clean, elegantly designed and easy to use. Enjoy the future sound right now, both indoors and outdoors. Mars will improve your personal audio experience in the coolest way.


Beauty of Wireless Levitation

When music is playing, the UFO shaped Mars Craft floats elegantly above the base and features an amazing circular lighting system. It will land slowly on the base when it runs out of battery, and starts charging with built-in wireless capabilities. Once charged, it will automatically resume floating.





Waterproof & Durable

Mars Craft is ultra-portable. IPX7 standard makes the Craft waterproof up to 3 feet deep and aircraft grade aluminum protects it from bad outdoor weather.







Smart Control

The crazybaby App for iOs and Android makes your music experience more simple and fun. Control the features of your Mars speaker, including Shuffle Music, Proximity Volume and Multi-Room Play.


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  • Mars craft floats elegantly in space, unique automatic launch & land levitation system
  • Hi-fi full range sound from floating tweeter and sub-woofer base
  • 8 hour battery life with auto land and charge for craft
  • Crazybaby app for IOS and android makes your music experience simple and fun
  • High quality speakerphone, proximity sound adjustment



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