Phaz Headphone: Charge Your Phone While You Listen to Music

THE GOOD / The headphone has a clearer, more dynamic sound; spacious and soft earcups; music sharing; carbon fiber; charge while listening; switchable Bass Boost; integrated HD AMP;

THE BAD / headband design can be improved; should include cables for both iOS and Android devices in the box.


As much as it pains us to admit, listening to tunes on mobile devices can be something of a disappointment for budding audiophiles, especially smartphone battery is quite a thing. Meanwhile, manufacturers always concentrate on upping processor performance, while audio components often appear something of an afterthought.

The Phaz Model P2 digital headphone developed by a new headphone maker called Phaz may shed some light on those puzzles.

Charge While Listening

If you are suffered from smartphone battery life problems, this smart headphone can solve battery woes—the rechargeable headphones include a battery to power a built-in amplifier.

The P2 has a built-in 1200 mAh battery, which powers HD bass boost and smart devices. The patented technology of Phaz music allows this to happen without any audio performance compromise. No need to choose between your music and your mobile device’s battery run-time.

Unfortunately, the P2 comes with an USB cable that works with Android devices only.


Phaz Model P2 is quite a sleek carbon-fiber baby. The shiny, three-piece carbon fiber frame is lightweight, and extensive use of carbon fiber and stainless steel make it durable.

The folding design is good. It folds easily to allow you pack it up and compact storage. The ear cups are perforated black foam and fit ears. The cushioned memory foam adds comformt and personality with different color option (sold separately). The headband seems a little bit tough and uncomfortable. It doesn’t have a rubber lining and no padding.


The power button under the right ear cup for HD audio function switching, a 3.5mm HD AMP input for charging the headphones, and a 3.5mm jack for music sharing—plug a second pair of headphones into this jack and share the same music with a friend. A button under the left ear cup is bass booster (15DB), an USB port for phone charging.

The built-in 1200 mAh battery powers both the HD audio/active bass boost and your smart device, but not at the same time. When you plug your phone into the USB port and HD audio/active bass boost will be automatically affected– without HD audio. But you can still listen to your music.

As for the noise cancellation, I think P2 doesn’t do a good job on that, but cushioned form ear cups perfectly block the outside noise.

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