JoyiQi Rechargeable Bluetooth Gloves Touch Screen Gloves Sport Gloves Built-In Speaker and Microphone


Product Description

Hi-Call is the new sensational product for winter. A glove with Bluetooth technology that allows you to have phone calls without removing it. Perfect for every sport, from skiing to running, it can also be used to control the touch screen of your smartphone. Compatible with all mobile phones with Bluetooth. Rechargeable through the included microUSB cable. Operating range: 12 meters. Battery lasts up to: standby 1 week conversation 20 hours. Leaves Your hand “Hands Free”.
  • Unique knit gloves let you talk through your hand. You can answer calls and carry out a full conversation on the cold weather while keeping this warm gloves that make you warm outside
  • The left glove with bluetooth will vibrates when a call comes in and you will never miss a call with the phone in your bag. Using the Superior and Enviromental-Friendly material of Acrylic Fiber to make you look more attractive
  • Compatible with all the cell phones with bluetooth and answer the call and talk straight into your fingers
  • Both hands have three fingers with conductive materials so you can use your touch screen device without removing your gloves
  • Perfect for every sport, from skiing to running. These smart gloves bring you more fashion, convenient, warm and fun to use anytime and anywhere

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